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GDE Held 2021 Mid-year Operation Conference Edit Date:2021/08/27

       On July 29,GDE held 2021 Mid-year Operation Conference. The spirit of the Mid-year Operation Conference of Poly Sinolight Group and Haisum Group has been conveyed and GDE’s work done in the first half of the year has been summarized in the meeting. In addition, key work tasks in the rest of year have been assigned. The conference was presided over by Luo Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of GDE, with leaders of the company, heads of departments and relevant leaders of Xi ’an Company attending. Chen Rongrong, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Haisum Group, was present in the meeting and made an important speech.

       During the meeting, all the engineering departments, BIM Centre, Science & Technology Innovation Centre, Craft Brewery Department, International Business Department, and Xi’an company’s Operation Department, Project Management Department, Design Sector, reported and shared their idea respectively regarding the work done in the 1st half year, the 14th 5-year plan, core competitiveness, future improvement and so forth.

       On behalf of the company’s leadership, General Manager Luo delivered a mid-year work report at the meeting, comprehensively summarized the company’s production and operation situation in the first half of 2021 and existing problems, and analyzed the domestic and foreign macroeconomic situation and industry development trends. He pointed out that business indicators of the company in the first half are showing a good growth trend, but in the complex domestic and international economic situation, business pressure will be continued to increase; and it is still urgent to seek new breakthroughs for market expansion, to maintain smooth development of the company. At the same time, he arranged the key tasks in the second half year:

       1."the 14th five-year plan" of the company should be kept revising and improving.By combining with the domestic and foreign policy trend and the actual development of the company, "the 14th five-year plan" of the company should be timely adjusted and improved and leap development needs to be endeavor to achieve within 5 years.

       2.Company revolution should be kept deepening. According to needs of, company’s organizational structure, business process, cost control, risk prevention, performance assessment and other aspects should be reformed.

       3.Brand construction should be enhanced: to establish brand thinking, build GDE brand, expand brand influence of GDE.

       4.Intelligence cloud engineering should be started for company construction. Relying on the results of digital transformation, company needs to be endeavor to be an intelligent engineering company by the end of “the 14th 5-year plan”.

       5.Research and development should be strengthened to build a first-class Science and technology innovation center. By 2025, the "2+1+1" Science and technology innovation center shall be built, whereas "2+1+1" refer to two digital platforms -- Intelligent operation and maintenance platform of waste to energy, BIM digital handover and digital twin platform, one provincial engineering technology research center and one provincial key laboratory for enterprises.

       6.Great efforts should be made to build Overseas business department and New energy business department. Relying on the new overseas business department and energy business Department, new industries will be actively explored and the second growth point of profit will be sought.

       7. The establishment of Xi’an branch of GDE should be proceeded.

       President Chen made an important speech on behalf of Haisum Group at the meeting. He took problems as the guidance and led everyone to face up to the existing, and to have a new understanding of the future development orientation and positioning of the enterprise. He stressed that the core competitiveness should be comprehensively enhanced, which is an important measures for enterprises to achieve continuous development; technology, talents and innovation ability are important components of the core competitiveness, and the investment and accumulation of them should be emphasized; in order to achieve sustainable development, differential advantages should be built; enterprises should pay attention to eliminate homogenization, to develop differential advantages, and should try to find the second curve of development; the pace of digital transformation should be accelerated and traditional production mode should be changed to innovate services, which can be transferred into engineering products with digital properties; a customer-centric business philosophy should be established; development should be achieve with keeping up the development pace of the era and relying on the platform under general background of the country, company and department; development path without the support of the platform will not last; high-quality resources should be well integrated to achieve transformation and development with concentrated efforts, and innovation and change in organization, process, salary and other aspects should be dared to innovate. Finally, he pointed out that in order to maintain the advantages during transformation among engineering companies, GDE should possess the courage of secondary startup, the awareness of crisis and innovation and the agility of action. He expected GDE to make greater progress and achievements in the future!

       According to agenda of the meeting, Luo Jun also gave a party lesson to all party members and cadres attendants with the theme of "Keeping in mind 100-year party history and forging ahead on the road of future".